Your timing – are you conscious about it?

There’s a lot of talk these days about time management. Are you making the most of the time you have, being productive, efficient, getting things done etc etc? Of course ‘time management’ doesn’t actually exist. Time just ‘is’ and you have to make the most of it – it cannot be managed.

In my previous blog I wrote about my decision to leave employment to pursue an entrepreneurial path. And it dawned on me that the decision was largely about timing. As our business moves forward we are being confronted with the concept of timing, and I wanted to put something down about it for this week.
The world as we know it is forever changing, and I feel more than ever our ability to position ourselves in the right place at the right time has never been more important. The expectations of old are no longer working. The preconceived idea that at age ‘x’ you get a full time job, at ‘y’ you get married and at age ‘z’ you have a child no longer holds. Social, financial and political disruption are changing these old fashioned ideas and we are therefore timing decisions ourself, not based on what other people or society expect.
From a business perspective I noticed it a lot in my previous job. Working for Sky meant I had visibility of market changes and the internal debate about when to time an entry into a specific market – Ultra HD and mobile being a couple which have now launched. Apple are another great example of a company who really understands timing. Product launches, announcements, clarity around different product marketing campaigns. They are very conscious about their timing.
And in our own business currently, timing is critical. We’re working hard to speak to landlords to take over the management of their properties, and are positioning ourself to help landlords who are struggling at the end of the student cycle. But we have to get the timing right. Later in the year the opportunity will be gone.
Here are a few pieces of advice for you to take away about timing:
  1. Timing ultimately has an outcome – making a decision or taking action. If you’re unclear about what decision or action you want to take you’ll never know whether the timing is right or not. Write it down and get clear.
  2. What factors will influence your timing – make a list. Are they financial, based on your competition, the market, your own personal circumstances?
  3. What thresholds do you have to reach to make the timing right?
  4. Seek external advice – get the views and opinions from other people you can trust. An unbiased view will help ensure you make an objective decision.
  5. Trust your instincts
In some respects timing can be classed as a decision – the decision is always a ‘no’ until the timing is right. But don’t make timing an excuse. It will never be exactly the right time. As long as you have met a good proportion of your timing ‘rules’ jump in and tweak later. And as I started this article, be ‘conscious’ about timing. You know you need buy Christmas presents but the timing is ingrained in (most!) of us to buy in December (and a little before…!) But what decisions are you making at the moment, without considering the timing? Are they priority, the most important, sensible, effective? What can be brought forward? We are constantly making decisions and taking action, but be conscious of your timing and you’ll make a much bigger impact!
I’m always up for chatting business / property / life so ping me an email or message and I’d be happy to catch up.
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